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Internship in New Zealand

Please describe what you learned from participating in the English courses.  Were the General English courses useful to you?  Why? Why not?

The first day was orientation and placement test encompasses grammar, vocabulary, and speaking test. Based on this test, I obtained a result of Intermediate (5 of 8) and I took General English class at 10.40 am. From this class, I got four units from our module that inspired me to be more confident in English speaking. Continue reading

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Burried village of Te Wairoa

Where stories of the tarawera eruption come to life. 

Violent and unexpected, the volcanic eruption of Mount Tarawera during the early hours of June 10, 1886 was one of New Zealand’s greatest natural disasters.

For more than four terrifying hours, rocks, ash and mud bombarded the peaceful village of Te Wairoa. As well as ending more than 150 lives and many livelihoods,  the eruption destroyed the eight wonder of the world, the Pink and White Terraces, and buried the staging post for travellers to the terraces, Te Wairoa Village, under two metres of thick volcanic material. In the gloom of the day the wreckage of the hotels and houses, and the burial of 8000 square kilometres of the countryside brought awe and dismay to survivors and rescuers. 

A place of exceptional beauty has been created around the fascinating remains of a settlement buried by the eruption. 

Our museum, sets of the scene

Encounter first-hand how the Tarawera eruption drastically changed the land and lives of the people of Te Wairoa. 

Take the waterfall trail if you dare

Be thrilled by the descent to the base of 30 m Wairere Falls, and stand in the spray as it thunders to thr valley below. Alternatively a flat walk is available. 

Explore the archeological site of Te Wairoa

The village,  although now peaceful and green, still reveals the devastation of the eruption. Walk amongst and enter the very sites that once housed the people of Te Wairoa. The people are gone but the spirit remains. 

Vi’s teahouse and gift store est. 1931

After you walk,  relax and enjoy delicious home baking,  excellent teas and coffee in Vi’s Teahouse. Then browse the range of gifts in our giftstore. 

Guided tours, add so much more to your visit

For a truly unique insight into the stories of the area,  take one of our optional guided tours. Tours leave at regular times throughout the day. Electronic tour devices and guide maps are available for those who prefer to self-guide. 

Fun for the whole family

There is a plenty for children to see and do around the village. They can explore the sites with Smithy’s guide map,  dig in the discovery room,  and enjoy time in the playground. 

“For over 80 years my family has restored, preserved and showcased Te Wairoa, the Buried Village. The team and I look forward to sharing the experience with you”. Pam McGrat,  3rd generation Smith family member. 

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Three days in Rotorua

January 28-30, 2017

Rotorua is a smelly city, and sulphurous vapour is quite strong for your nose. But, I think you will get used to it immediately and forget this stench. It is because Rotorua offers scenic (such beautiful) views from the lake and Maori culture as well.
I started my travel from Auckland on Saturday morning. After 4 hours on the Intercity Bus, I arrived in Rotorua in the afternoon. I stayed at TerumoResort Hotel, the best location close to Countdown, ATM, and bus station.
SkyLine Rotorua is the best place for gondola experience and ride on a luge. Wai-o-tapu thermal wonderland is an amazing place with colorful volcano lake.


Ride a luge

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Kisah Petualang

akhir pekan, sendirian, ga ada agenda keluar, pegang laptop, denger lagu.

Itulah kata kunci edisi pagi ini dan entah gimana ceritanya di Youtube kok sampe lagu karya Melly  “Pecinta Wanita”. Apa elu suka lagu ini? Ga juga. Cuma inilah hebatnya lagu, dimana kita mendengar pada suatu waktu, dia akan menarik ke memori masa lalu sewaktu lagu itu didengar, suatu momentum berkesan yang seolah-olah ga pernah lupa untuk diingat atau diceritakan berulang-ulang. Continue reading

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Mengulas Masjid di Purwokerto

Menjelang Ramadhan, saatnya mempersiapkan lahir dan batin untuk meningkatkan amalan kita. Nah, di edisi jalan-jalan kita kali ini, kita ulas beberapa masjid di Purwokerto dan sekitarnya (yang pernah ane sambangin tentunya).

1. Masjid Unwiku

Masjid ini spesial bgt. Bersih, adem, dan bikin betah. Entah beberapa kali ke masjid ini, walau harus menempuh perjalanan lebih dari 5 km dari rumah. Lokasinya samping Unwiku. Masjid ini adalah hibah dari Yayasan Pancasila (punyanya Pak Harto), jadi khas banget artsiteknya penuh dengan simbol-simbol Pancasila. Model masjid ini yang ada di Purwokerto adalah masjid Unsoed dan masjid UMP lama. Halaman masjidnya ditata dengan rumput hijau yang bersih. Jalanan depan yang beraspal mulus, dan ga begitu rame. Tempat favorit di teras samping kiri, disediakan minuman gratis dan bisa selonjor bebas. Biasanya sebelum ke sini, beli batagor dulu ato KFC abal-abal, dimakan sambil nunggu Magrib.


credit: dok pribadi, bareng prima andika citra

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