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Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy does not appear to prevent asthma or wheezing in children

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High doses of vitamin D during pregnancy might not prevent asthma or recurrent wheeze in high risk children (level 2 [mid-level] evidence)
• based on randomized trial with borderline statistical significance
• 881 women aged 18-39 years old with singleton pregnancy at 10-18 weeks gestation and high risk of offspring having asthma received prenatal vitamin with 400 units vitamin D daily and were randomized to additional 4,000 units vitamin D vs. placebo daily
• high risk for asthma defined as parent with history of asthma, eczema, or allergic rhinitis
• 88% of women had third trimester blood samples
• 91.6% of offspring included in analysis (4.7% lost to follow-up)
• maternal hydroxyvitamin D ≥ 30 ng/mL in third trimester in 74.9% with vitamin D vs. 34% with placebo (p < 0.001, NNT 3)
• comparing vitamin D vs. placebo, outcomes in offspring within first 3 years of life
– asthma or recurrent wheeze in 24.3% vs. 30.4% (p = 0.051)
– eczema with rash in 21% vs. 23% (not significant)
– lower respiratory tract infections in 31.9% vs. 34.2% (p = 0.07)

Reference – VDAART trial, link


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