Elusidasi Struktur

Elusidasi struktur senyawa organik secara spektroskopi. Spektroskopi yang dimaksud meliputi UV-Vis, Infra Merah, Resonansi Magnetik Inti baik proton maupun karbon 13, dan spektrometri Massa. Bahasan berikutnya adalah integrasi semua data informasi untuk penelaahan struktur molekul.

Sumber buku acuan:

1. Silverstein, R.M., Bessler, G., andMorril, T.C. (1999), “Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds”, fifthed, John Wiley and Sons.
2. William, D.H., and Fleming, I. (1995), “Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry” third ed, Mcgraw-Hill Book,Company.
3. Field, L.D., Sternhell., and Kalman, J.R.(1996), “Organic Structure from Spectra,” 2 nd, John Wiley and Sons.
4. Lambert, J.B. (1998),”Organic Structure Spectroscopic”, Prentice Hall, Upper Suddle River , New Jersey.
5. Friebolin, H. (1993),”Basic One and Two-dimensional NMR Spectroscopy”, 2nd., VHC, Germany .

Link menarik:

SDBS, 27 000 NMR spectra from 35 000 compounds, not limited to metabolites

HMDB, Contains more than 700 assigned 1H and 13C NMR (1D and 2D) spectra, more than 700 MS/MS spectra and 300 GC-MS datasets for human metabolites, Link

BMRB, Contains 270 1H and 13C NMR spectra (1D and 2D) of common plant and animal metabolites (Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank)

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